Training is an important part of a healthy and modern organization. By training its employees, organization and its personnel can benefit in different ways:

  • Employees become more skilled, hence their productivity level and quality of their output should increase, leading to improved organizational results.
  • Periodical trainings allows an organization to accumulate the knowledge and hence improve its effectiveness on the market.
  • Employees’ attitude towards their organization should improve.
  • Motivation of employees may rise substantially and the loyalty towards their organization can be generated, increased and/or supported.
  • Turnover of employees may decrease, hence the replacement costs as well.
  • The costs that an organization incurs should decrease that in turn, other things held constant, should lead to the increased profitability.
  • The need for supervision over the work of employees may lower down, hence the management may use the freed time for other important tasks, like: strategy creation.


Our experts have developed various training courses in GIS and databases ranging from beginner to the advanced levels. In addition, we supply user's manuals and detailed technical documentation for every product we create for our clients.  

We offer:

* Standard courses open for registration to any client:

              MS Excel basic course;

              MS Access basic course;

              ArcGIS basic course;

              GIS analysis course;

              3D Analyst;

              CorelDRAW basic course;

              FUSION 360 basic course;

** It is possible to prepare custom courses based on the clients preferences.

We can conduct trainings using our premises, in the Client's office or online.



IT Consulting

Do you have problems regarding information technologies?

Do you want something concerning IT, but you don’t know exactly what?

Do you need an analysis of IT infrastructure of an organization?

Do you want to increase an effectiveness and efficiency of operations by the usage of information technologies?

Do you need an advice or advices on how to use modern information technologies?

Do you want something else regarding IT? 

Our company can provide an effective and a high quality IT consulting service that would bring beneficial results for an organization in question.



Each organization has its unique work flow and specific data. We focus on advising organizations on how best to use Information Technology to meet their business objectives. 

After analyzing volumes and types of data, organizational structure and data flow between the departments, level of proficiency of the staff in use of information technology and numerous other inputs, we come up with an optimal solution for the given client and offer an implementation plan.


Inspiration followed by Creation



Process overview

  • Defining knowledge level

  • Lectures

  • Exercises

  • Practical works

  • Testing & Certificate

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