Specialized Software


Specialized Software

It is necessary in any business management to form appropriate consistent procedures for business processes and automation to easily achieve their optimal management.  We can help you in every step to solve the tasks in a very best way.

Our services include:

1. Studying and modeling your business procedures and connections between them. For this purpose we use questionnaires designed especially for you
2. Offering optimal technology for you according to your business size, needs and price
3. Offering and planning special software necessary to automate your business tasks
4. Creation and/or adaptation, implementation and testing the specialized software
5. Training of users of the software and providing detailed user manuals
6. Initial and further (according to customer’s wishes) technical support of the developed software
7. Training of customer’s technical stuff in order to enable them to work with the software on their own

With the development of new technologies we offer you modifying and implementing our existing products according to your needs. It is our main priority to maintain the high quality of the service. First of all, it means to strictly follow the terms of work and quality assurance of finished products.


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