Design & Branding


Can you imagine how huge corporations could operate without a logo?

Design and Branding form one of the most important elements of an organization’s identity. Logo, labels, graphics of a product’s packaging, Facebook banners, ads banners and much more are the important parts of marketing activities of an organization.



One of Idea Design Group’s specializations is the creation of graphic design of:

  • Logos
  • Labels
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Websites
  • Banners, Stationery (pens, envelops, calendars etc.) and more

Our company can also create the so-called Brand Book.


Creative, visually simple, professional, modern and of high quality standards logo:


  •  strongly helps in building a brand of an organization
  •  differentiates organization from others on the market
  •  helps in generating customer’s loyalty, which is very important for an organization
  •  makes an organization visually recognizable
  •  makes an organization more easily searched
  •  is another important component of an organization’s professionalism
  • can provide important information about brand to stakeholders (customers, clients, employees, director(s) and any other party interested in an organization), for example:


                   Is it friendly or very strict?

                   Does it like punctuality or it values flexibility?

                   Is it “warm” or “cold”?

                   Does it produce fruits or it is a logistics company?

                   Does it work in clothing industry or it produces baby products?



Our company proposes:

 High quality Design and Branding service

 Orientation towards customer/client’s requirement(s)


 Elegancy and Originality of work

 Friendly Professionalism

 Responsible approach to terms defined within the project 

 And not only


Inspiration followed by Creation




Process overview

  • Analysis of Needs or Requirement

  • General Researching

  • Primary Sketch

  • Chosen version's refinement

  • Submitting

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