Be the reference point of inspiration when it comes to quality, creative thinking and technological innovation. 



Provide smile generating benefits to every client and customer we work with by our firm's values, by our customer centric approach, by quality results and technology driven solutions.



Inspiration followed by Creation


What does our company do?

Our company’s main part of operations is the provision of graphic design’s and information technology’s products and services. More specifically the main areas of our company’s operations are: 

  • Web Development 
  • Web design; 
  • Mobile apps and software development;
  • Design and branding; 
  • Field survey and data collection; 
  • Geographic Information Systems and Maps; 
  • Trainings and IT Consulting.   






History of Idea Design Group

Idea Design Group was established in 2008 with the intention to become one of the leading web development, GIS and database consultation companies in the region.   

Forming a strong team of database experts, developers, GIS specialists, cartographers and web designers was the first challenge that we have acomplished successfully.  We have built productive, long term relationships with our clients by offering a quality service and the permanent maintenance.



Customer Centricity- Do we try to listen to our clients? Do we try to satisfy our clients' wants, needs and requirements? Do we try to give them right solutions to their problems? Yes, we do!

Responsible in finishing the given work on time- it’s a huge priority and even the principle of our company to finish the given work on time. This is one of the ways by which our company generates business professionalism and a confidence towards our company from our clients and customers.  

Team Spirit- we value cooperation among our company’s team members, team cohesiveness, assistance to each other in case of need, mutually solve big companywide problems and not giving up a company in critical situations.

Quality- providing customers and clients high quality products and services is one of the bricks that is used in building long-term viability of our company.

Creativity- think differently, design beautifully, make difference- these are parts of our company.

Friendly Professionalism- the balance between being friendly and professional is one of the pieces that makes Idea Design Group a good partner to work with.  

Usefulness and Convenience- our team tries to make products and/or services for consumers and clients easy and convenient in usage and useful in solving their problems.

Innovation- making innovative software products is one of the pillars that is used in the process of growing our company.

Being Dynamic- be enthusiastic towards new, interesting things, growing knowledge base and don’t stop on the current place, but go further on. 

Stability- even though our company likes to innovate and do new things, these should be in the borders of stability, meaning within the borders that allow innovation with low risks for our company’s operations.



Our Principles

1.    Finish given work on time.
2.    Be within the boundaries defined by law.
3.    Create quality products and provide quality services.
4.    Respect others.
5.    Be honest.



Strong Parts of our Company

1.    Cohesive Team
2.    Honesty
3.    High Quality Products and Services
4.    Experience and Knowledge
5.    Being a good Partner
6.    Being Customer Oriented
7.    Perspectives that our company has.

Our team

  • Anna Sharvadze

  • Nikoloz Arevadze

  • Mariam Zangaladze

  • Oleg Gugunava

    Web Developer
  • Giorgi Kotolashvili

    GIS Specialist
  • Levan Lobjanidze

    Web Developer
  • Alex Kavtaradze

    GIS Specialist
  • Temo Surguladze

    Web Developer
  • Nikoloz Kavtaradze

    Web Developer
  • irakli patsatsia

    GIS Specialist
  • zakaria khitalishvili

    Web Developer
  • giorgi zurabashvili

    GIS Specialist

    Web Developer

    Marketing Specialist

    Senior Developer
  • Gvantsa GUGUNAVA

    Marketing Manager

    Web Developer