Website for the Georgian enterprise "Edena"

8 August 2023 - 8 August 2023

Edena Ltd. is a canning factory located in Terjola, which has been producing products since 2010, its main direction is the processing and packaging of various types of Tkemali.
The company also produces various types of export canned goods under the "MADLI" brand name.

We started cooperation with Edena company in the summer of this year, within the framework of cooperation, we created a website, where customers can learn more about the company's various products in the product catalog, keep an eye on the production process and news.

This project is financed by USAID within the framework of the Small Business Promotion and Development Project in Georgia.

Our team is glad that we have the opportunity to cooperate with local companies and participate in the promotion of Georgian products.

Project stages:


  • Creating a website exclusive design
  • Creating a Content Management System      
  • Testing and uploading the website
  • User training in using Website CMS
  • Website technical support 
  • Figma
  • AJAX/jQuery
  • Laravel Framework
  • Google Map
  • Google Analytics 
Website for the Georgian enterprise "Edena"