Thematic Map of Georgia's Fiber Optic Network for Open Net

1 April 2024 - 12 April 2024

OpenNet, a key player in promoting digital inclusion, aims to bring high-speed internet connectivity to regions throughout Georgia, supporting the country's broader strategy for expanding broadband networks and reducing digital inequality.

To assist in this mission, Idea Design Group has crafted a detailed thematic map that illustrates the fiber optic network infrastructure across Georgia. This map provides a visual representation of existing and planned fiber optic lines, helping to identify areas with robust internet connectivity and regions needing further development.

The map's design aligns with OpenNet's branding, featuring the organization's color scheme and aesthetic style. This ensures the map not only serves as a functional tool for planning and decision-making but also visually represents OpenNet's commitment to expanding internet access across Georgia.

This thematic map is an essential resource for policymakers, telecom providers, and other stakeholders involved in the ongoing effort to bridge the digital divide in Georgia. It reflects OpenNet's dedication to creating a more connected future for the entire country.

Thematic Map of Georgia's Fiber Optic Network for Open Net