Second Edition Of Branded Tbilisi Tourist Maps For Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

01 January 2019 - 31 December 2019

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi is one of the most highly rated hotel in the capital. It has been leading for 6 years and is associated with high quality services.

Within the framework of the idea design group and Adjara Group Project of 2019, second edition (5 000 copies) of the Tbilisi English-language branded tourism maps were published for Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. Maps will be available for guests during 1 year for free.

The following companies have participated in these project offering special services to the hotel guests:

Babukhadia, Sarajishvili, Time, Chronograph, East Point, Shoesofrenia 

Dalood Store, Wine Bar Chateu Mukhrani, Wine Bar Sulico,

Beauty Salon - L'Academie, Mariam Gvasalia, Vake Swimming Pool,

Organique Josper Bar, Lako Bukia, Zarqua, Basa Car Rentals