Preparation of boundary and land registration documents for Kazbegi National Park

17 September 2022 - 17 December 2022

On the order of the Agency of Protected Areas, in the period of September - December 2022, we implemented the project of establishing the border and preparing the land registration documentation in order to improve the management of the park.

Within the framework of the project, in close cooperation with the administration of the Kazbegi National Park, the boundary of the Kazbegi National Park was clarified, non-typical infrastructure, territories owned by individuals and legal entities, as well as changed territories that have no conservation value or do not comply with the requirements of the law "On the System of Protected Areas" were excluded from the protected area - These areas are homesteads, orchards and others.

During the course of the project, field and camera works were carried out, which included taking new border markers in the field using GPS equipment and measuring the areas to be removed or added.

During the camera work, the necessary registration documents for registration in the new borders of the National Park, a detailed technical report of the border description and a demonstration topographical map of the National Park were prepared.

The territory of the Kazbegi National Park is entirely located in the Kazbegi municipality and includes a significant part of it.

"Kazbegi" is one of the outstanding and favorite places for visitors, where you can always go in search of adventure and discover interesting and beautiful places.

Preparation of boundary and land registration documents for Kazbegi National Park

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