Special edition of tourist maps for Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, Holiday Inn and Fabrika

20 December 2017 - 20 December 2017

Our maps will be located in the hotel's reception for 6 months, from the October of 2017th and will be available to all visitors.

It is worth noting that over 25 companies have been served with advertising their informational banners on the cover of our maps.

Our partner companies are:

Co Lab, Factory 27, Tanno, Samoseli Pirveli, Pierrot Le Fou, East Point, Dots, Materiel, Lutecia, Tamta Shindelashvili, Vake Swimming Pool, Car4Rent, 8000 Vintage, Vogue, CO.MODE, Aka Nanitashvili, Datuna Sulikashvili, Mariam Kharshiladze, Lotus, YVES ROCHER, Atelier 27, Twintip, Shavi Lomi, Keto & Kote, Hippie, Le moccasin zippe, Niko Avalishvili

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