Branded Gudauri-Kazbegi Tourist Maps For Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

1 January 2019 - 31 December 2019

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is one of the most popular hotels in Kazbegi, with a high standard of service and amazing views.

Within the framework of the idea design group and Adjara Group Project of 2019, new edition (3 000 copies) of the Gudauri-Kazbegi English-language branded tourism maps were published for Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. Maps will be available for guests during 1 year for free.

The following companies have participated in these project offering special services to the hotel guests:

Babukhadia, Sarajishvili, Time, Chronograph, East Point, Shoesofrenia 

Dalood Store, Wine Bar Chateu Mukhrani, Wine Bar Sulico,

Beauty Salon - L'Academie, Mariam Gvasalia, Vake Swimming Pool,

Organique Josper Bar, Lako Bukia, Zarqua, Basa Car Rentals