Grant's Management Webportal

12 October 2020 - 31 December 2022

Georgia’s innovation and technology agency intensively announces grants for individuals and companies having perspective, interesting and innovative ideas. Any of interested person can participate and apply for grant funding, which was established and has been operating since 2018.

In 2020, a large-scale update of the Web portal was implemented. by adding more various parameters for customizing grants as well as the integration of several Web Services of Georgia State Agencies (such as the Public Registry of Georgia, the Civil Registry of Georgia, the Revenue Service of Georgia) for automated synchronization of all relevant information.

The whole process contains several stages:

  1. Grant announcement, publish detailed requirements and conditions;
  2. Applying  for grant by interested applicant with all necessary documents and requirements;
  3. Evaluation of the submitted applications and selecting the winners by the agency.
  4. Monitoring the whole period of the project after signing the contract with the winners.

Our team developed a multi-user operational web portal for the full process of the grant management, described above based on the detailed technical assignments provided by the agency and in close cooperation with the Agency project team.

The grants web portal includes:

  • Introducing detailed information about published grants;
  • Register as applicant and create profile;
  • Applying for the grants;
  • Tracking the evaluation process;
  • Data clarification in case of needs;
  • Getting results of applications reviews.

There is also considered key performance information for compiling different analytic questionnaires and beneficiaries surveys.

Status: Current (Ongoing Technical Maintenance period)

Grant's Management Webportal

Tasks Performed: Technology:
  • Creating web portal designs;
  • Creating (public information) web portal’s Content Management System;
  • Creating functionality and interfaces for applicants and experts. There is online registration possibility on the web portal for them;
  • Creating functionality and interfaces for the agency’s internal user’s role (grant administrator, project officer, procurement officer, and administrator);
  • Testing and pilot launch of the web portal;
  • Creating detailed manuals for all user roles;
  • Full technical maintenance;
  • Users training.
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • AJAX/jQuery
  • PHP/pgSQL
  • Laravel










Design & Development of Matching Grants Web-portal/IT system, with different user roles, including their individual interfaces and functionalities:

  • Applicant,
  • Expert (with 4 different types of evaluation stages),
  • Secretary,
  • Procurement Officer,
  • Project Manager
  • Administrator
  • Visitor

Web portal includes the following special modules:

  • Management of calls for grants,
  • Management of competitions of experts for participation in the evaluation process of submitted applications,
  • Management of Applications (submission and full evaluation process, generation of application rated lists on the different stages of application assessment)
  • Management of questionnaires for applicants and experts as well,
  • Management of notifications supporting by emails and sms texts, etc.
    • Custom notifications (between Secretary, Applicants, Expert, Project Officer)
    • Automated notification for status changes, request and submission of special clarifications, deadline remainders, etc.


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