Creation of Tbilisi touristic map in English and Russian languages.

4 April 2009 - 4 April 2012

One of the main activity of Idea Design Group is cartography and map development. Considering that Georgia’s main strategic industry is tourism, we wanted to contribute it so we created Tbilisi touristic map according to modern design and cartographic standards that presents on the one hand our capital attractions, and on the other hand makes easier to locate around the city and perceive it from the best side.

Also we wanted to inform tourists, who will use this map, about important architected buildings so we offer old Tbilisi the most interesting several walking routes adding them some interesting information about historical buildings of the city located at the central avenues.  For more visual effect you can see 3D models of important buildings of the city on the map.

The project was carried by whole creative and technical team of our company. Tbilisi map was released in English and Russian languages and it’s available for everyone.

There is two way to buy our map. First you can order it on our website: (Write to us)

Second you can buy it at Rustaveli Ave., Sharden Str., Leselidze Str., and on the other old tbilisi streets where is located souvenirs and books shops.