Bakuriani-Kokhta branded tourist map for Rooms Hotel Kokhta

6 September 2021 - 12 November 2021

Since New Year, tourists who love active leisure, who have arrived in Bakuriani, will have a new opportunity to plan exciting free time. Our team, in cooperation with “Rooms Hotel”, developed the tourist routes of resort Bakuriani and compiled a relevant tourist map, which includes locations for picnic and camping sites, panoramic views and cultural attractions.

Totally 3 hiking and biking routes with different lengths and complexity have been  developed (easy, medium, hard).
In the first stage, the routes were planned, which include field-research works, to select the marked pedestrian and bicycle routes in such a way as to take into account the spectacular and cultural diversity of the route. Several possible options were selected for each possible route.

After that, the field research was carried out where all possible options for each route, both on foot and by bicycle, were detailed. During the movement on the track, the difficulties and the risks of the routes were identified and taken into account, such as the steep slope of the terrain, natural hazards, etc. Locations of tourist destinations were also recorded and subsequently mapped.

Guide markings were marked on the selected routes with colored paints in prominent places, which would further facilitate visitors' orientation and reduce the risk of getting loston the trail.

Finally, all three routes with attached information and locations were marked on the tourist map of Bakuriani and its surroundings, where „Rooms Hotel” is the hot spot.

Bakuriani-Kokhta branded tourist map for Rooms Hotel Kokhta