CaseBank System Training For The Lawyers

3 March 2017

3-4 March 2017, was held the training at the Legal Aid Bureau for the contracted public lawyers who are involved in a legal case management system CASE BANK.

EU and UN support, continuing legal case management system - "Case Bank" - development, which is used by legal aid lawyers. Successfully completed another phase of the update. As a result, private practice lawyers will be involved in electronic proceeding, who, on the basis of a contract with the Legal Aid Service, are registered in the "Register of Contracted Public Lawyers" and are serving the citizens for free.

March 3-4, at the Legal Aid Bureau was held the training, which was attended mainly by lawyers, which are in serve of east Georgia’s Legal Aid Bureau.

Trainees were introduced specifics of the program and innovations. The meeting was open by Irakli Shonia, the deputy director of the Legal Aid Service. The training was conducted by Mariam Zangaladze, Idea Design Group Director. She has been working on the development of Case Bank since 2009.

The first version of Case bank for the Legal Aid Service was introduced in 2010. With the support of UNDP and the "Open Society - Georgia" it was transferred into a new, more powerful platform by 2014. The system gathers data about the Legal Aid Service cases, the consultations and drafted documents. The system enables comprehensive statistical data processing and analysis.

The second phase of updating Case Bank began in 2016. Last year, the Legal Aid Lawyers were involved in electronic records management program, who are in civil and administrative proceedings. In 2017 it is planned to develop a Web application, which will allow the lawyers not to only work in office, but also from anywhere equipped with Internet access. "Case Bank" - it is updated by the European Union and the United Nations Joint Programme  "access to justice and child-friendly justice system in Georgia".