GIS (Geoinformation Systems) Basic Training Course

21 February 2019

GIS (Geoinformation Systems) is one of the best tools that allows global organizations to analyze visual imagery and to model the current changes of the world characteristics. Using GIS, we can convert the newly discovered raw data into effective information, which increases the efficiency of the work.

That's why the company Idea Design Group offers you GIS Basic course that will enable you to study ArcGIS Desktop (10.6) software package, database modeling principles and GIS analysis elements.

The course will be led by certified expert of Geoinformation Systems Nikoloz Arevadze.

The course contains:

  • Review of ArcGIS software package and familiarization with general theoretical issues of database modeling;
  • Review of GIS Program Functionality -
  • Browse, organize, manage, edit, symbolize spatial and attribute data;
  • Work with inscriptions;
  • Map composition;
  • Building a cadastral drawing;
  • Work with raster data;
  • Review of spatial analysis capabilities;

For more details cklick HERE.

The course consists of 15 meetings, including lectures and practical tasks (duration of ona meeting is 3 hours).

The cost of the full course is 600 GEL.